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We gain strength and courage through the support and collaboration with our range of partners that share our vision and commitment to development of economic opportunities for youth in Africa. At the heart of our organisation is our commitment to leveraging our relationships to strengthen partnerships and collaboration for development to ensure increased preparation for and participation in the future of work.


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Youth Bridge Trust follows a human centered approach to the future of work, and through our programme we invest in young men and women’s capabilities to prepare them for the place of work and thereby improve their wellbeing, their living standards and their rights.

Our business model is a solution orientated model which seeks to forge a link between youth development organisations in Africa and the Investment world towards a prosperous future. Business models of the future will transform the skills requirements and workplace landscape, which will impact the attracting, retaining and development of talent.

We achieve this through working with companies and organisations in shaping the future place of work by creating inclusive business practices and evaluating their transformation mandate against both revenue targets and social impact outcomes. Through this model we are able to provide our clients with the following solutions: 



Technological advancement is inevitable, and it will play a significant part in providing solutions for the challenges we face now and in the future. YBT strives to provide a bridge that will assist the young people to step over the various barriers to entry into the economy through the Fit for Life Fit for Work (FLFW) programme. The programme equips the youth with the mindset and skill set that will enable them to prosper in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Our FLFW programme is designed to meet both client internal and external transformational needs.


Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment                

YBT provides added benefits to supporting partners in South Africa as it offers organisations an opportunity to gain points as part of the amended Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard. This is through the support of the socio- economic developments as well as skills development.


Preparing future employees for the future of work

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is unfolding in Africa and the continent has chosen to embrace the digital opportunities presented to them, rather than be intimidated by the potential threats. The jobs of the future require new skills and competencies for youth to become more competitive. Ongoing technology developments further facilitate the creation of networks, ecosystems and knowledge hubs.


Gender Equality

FLFW training programme is implemented in rural, peri urban and urban areas and open without discrimination in terms of race, gender, religious and economic status. The programme increases equal and inclusive access to the economy in that it provides support to vulnerable groups such as women, female headed households, those living with HIV, the poor and rural communities, all who may face greater barriers to entry to the economy. The FLFW programme is designed to include young and often vulnerable women from rural, peri urban and urban areas. These women are vulnerable in terms of their geographic location, traditional roles providing barriers to entry in the workplace, some are living with HIV and many are single mothers and heads of households. The FLFW programme is designed to empower young women to be better equipped with the necessary life, work and entrepreneurial skills to compete and actively participate in the future of work


Building Africa’s future

The Fit for Life for Work programme creates empowerment of youth to gain access to economy and further education opportunities. Technology and societies shape the workplace and as such we need to be cognisant of the social transformation tat the technological change of the 4IR will bring. The FLFW programme creates empowerment of youth to gain access to the economy through supporting youths in securing employment, or further education opportunities or starting businesses. This reduces the young men and women’s vulnerability during the 4IR and changing place of work in Africa



Knowledge Hub 

YBT recognises that we are in an era of rapid information sharing, and online platforms are expected to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange more than anything else. Our knowledge hub has been created to connect digitally with partners, collaborate, share knowledge, insight and best practice, learn from experiences, inspire innovation and new ways on youth development programmes.

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